Agnes and Amalie takes pride in its meticulously chosen fabrics, a true testament to our commitment to quality. Our clothing pieces are crafted from sumptuous materials that exude comfort and durability, ensuring they stand the test of time. From breathable textiles to luxurious textures, each fabric tells a story of luxury, style, and sophistication.

Introducing Biodegradable Fabric


At Agnes + Amalie, we take immense pride in our conscious approach to fashion, exemplified by our collection of bodysuits crafted from biodegradable fabric. Our revolutionary fabric, named AMNI Soul Eco®, features biodegradable polyamide (Nylon 6.6) known as light-(CO2)®, setting a new standard for environmentally responsible clothing. Developed by Rhodia®, a subsidiary of the Solvay® group, this fabric breaks down in less than three years under controlled landfill conditions, significantly reducing its impact on the environment. AMNI Soul Eco® is not only committed to sustainability but also holds the Oeko-Tex 100 Class l certification, ensuring its safety and non-toxicity for human skin. With added UV 80 protection against ultraviolet radiation, this fabric seamlessly blends ecological consciousness with comfort.


  • Differentiating Standard and Biodegradable Fabric


While conventional polyamide fabrics can take over 50 years to degrade, AMNI Soul Eco® accelerates the process to around three years when properly disposed of in well-controlled landfills. This accelerated biodegradation is achieved through a combination of optimal conditions, including high humidity, absence of oxygen, and the presence of anaerobic methanogenic bacteria, typically found in landfills. By choosing AMNI Soul Eco®, you contribute to a more sustainable future while enjoying high-quality, stylish bodysuits.


Trilobal Fabric's Unique Elegance


Among our standout textiles is the Trilobal Fabric, composed of trilobal polyamide, renowned for its striking iridescent shine. This fabric offers both elasticity and durability, stretching without compromising the garment's shape. With the addition of LYCRA® SolarMax technology, Trilobal Fabric provides superior UV protection (FPU 50+), reflecting our commitment to combining sophistication with functional design.

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