Biodegradable Fabric

We at Agnes + Amalie are proud to say that most of our bodysuits are consciously produced using a biodegradable fabric.
 The light- (CO2) ® is produced with Amni Soul Eco® biodegradable polyamide (Nylon 6.6). The formulation of this nylon 6.6 yarn has been improved to allow clothing made from it to decompose in less than 3 years after disposal in well- controlled landfills. This thread called AMNI Soul Eco® was researched and developed by Rhodia®, a company of the Solvay® group. This fantastic fabric also has UV 80 protection against ultraviolet radiation and is free of products toxic to human skin according to international certification Oeko-Tex 100 Class l.
Standard Fabric vs. Biodegradable Fabric 
For normal polyamide fabrics, the degradation process takes many years, above 50 years, leaving an important environmental footprint at the end of the textile article's useful life. While Amni Soul Eco® yarn fabrics have this process very accelerated, biodegradation occurs in a few years (around 3 years), when disposed of in well-controlled landfills.
 In addition to being properly disposed of in a landfill to biodegrade, is it also necessary to have a combination of ideal conditions which are high humidity, absence of oxygen, and a high concentration of anaerobic methanogenic bacteria (bacteria that produce methane as a by-product of biodegradation), conditions normally present in landfills. 
Trilobal Fabric 

Composed of shiny trilobal polyamide, the fabric has a sophisticated look of iridescent shine.Trilobal has elasticity in both directions (Bi-way), it stretches without deforming the garment. This amazing textile also features LYCRA® SolarMax technology, which provides UV protection (FPU 50+).