Redefining Contemporary Fashion with Ethical Elegance


At Agnes and Amalie, we are more than just a brand – we are a committed to delivering exquisite, high-quality clothing and jewelry collections that stand the test of time. Rooted in the heart of Brazil, our brand is a celebration of modernity and ethical craftsmanship, dedicated to enhancing your sense of style while upholding our values.


Conscious Clothing Collection


Agnes and Amalie is not just about fashion; it's about responsibility. Introducing our Conscious Clothing Collection, where every piece is thoughtfully designed using biodegradable fabric. This revolutionary material offers a remarkable feature – it decomposes rapidly after proper disposal, reducing the environmental impact of fashion waste. To learn more about this eco-friendly innovation, visit our "About Our Fabrics" page.


Elegance Meets Sustainability


Our commitment to sustainability doesn't compromise on style. Each piece of our conscious collection showcases contemporary designs that exude elegance and sophistication. Agnes and Amalie products are a fusion of artistry and eco-consciousness, allowing you to make a statement that matters.


Join the Agnes and Amalie Community


When you choose Agnes and Amalie, you become part of a community that values both aesthetics and ethics. From casual wear to statement pieces, our versatile collections cater to various tastes while promoting responsible fashion choices. Join us in embracing a fashion-forward journey that leaves a positive imprint on the world.


At Agnes and Amalie, our dedication goes beyond clothing and jewelry – we're on a mission to redefine how fashion impacts the planet and the people who inhabit it. Experience the elegance of conscious craftsmanship and be a part of the change we wish to see in the world.


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